Educational Resources for Humanity,Designed to Foster Upright Humanity and Creative Thinking


These are educational resources for humanity; teachers and students may share the relevant materials with video animations in classes. ‘Dr. O-Young Lee’s Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds' is a message delivered in video clip by the former Minister of Culture, Dr. O-Young Lee, a distinguished scholar in Korea: emphasizing not only the ordinary lesson in class but the balanced education of humanity, creativity, cooperation and career path etc.

Learning Process

Based on the learning process of empathy, communication, internalization of the creative humanity development, more effective learning content is delivered through various types of videos and teaching materials of high moral repute.

As an induction process of the relevant subject at the initial part of the vedio clip, one may feel or experience feelings of surrounding people and objects.
Recognizing the necessity of the internalization of the relevant subject, one may share ideas, thoughts and behavioral practices with surrounding people and objects.
Appreciating the vedio clips of the relevant sujects, one may promote a willingness to put things into practice based on actual cases.
Product Components
  • Provides Resources for Children through Online Site
  • Provides Video CD of Dr. O-Young Lee’s Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds for Classroom Use
  • Provides Teaching Materials for Teachers
  • Provides Learning Materials for Students
  • Provides Information Leaflets of the Product
Image CD of  Dr. O-young Lee’s sharing idea for 80 Seconds + Teaching material for class
Dr. O-Young Lee’s Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds
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