i-Scream Remote Training Institute was authorized in 2010 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to conduct vocational training for elementary and secondary teachers as well as educational experts.

i-Scream Remote Training Institute
  • We provide over 100 different types of vocational training for elementary, middle and high school teachers and educational experts.
  • i-Scream Training Institute targets over 450,000 members.
  • The teaching faculty conducts courses composed of experienced educators and experts.
  • Learner's satisfaction has been proved by numerous compliments from teachers nationwide.
  • Lucid vision caught the flow of the class! (Best Teaching Methods!)
  • The best training for healing teachers! (Supreme Consultation Skill!)
  • New paradigm in creative teaching! (Action! Creative teaching strategies!)
  • Enlightening explanations on mathematics textbook! (Renaissance of Elementary Mathematics! )
  • Lectures for wisdom rather than knowledge! (Dr. O–young Lee's 'Humanities in Daily Life')

What is a Vocational Training? This training course has been recognized as a credit to teachers' personnel records, and is reflected in promotion and personnel assessments as the contents of the training have been proved with a quality certification from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

i-Scream Remote Training Institute - Main Courses
  • Best teaching methods
  • Best instructor consulting
  • Secret to physical education classes
  • Secret to elementary school music lessons
  • Elementary Mathematics Renaissance
  • The basics about on-site English classes in elementary school
  • Creative teaching strategies
  • Dr. O–young Lee's 'Humanities in Daily Life'
  • Creating a happy class with teacher Ok
i-Scream Remote Training Institute - Advantages
  • On-site training programs in which teachers are directly involved from the planning stage
  • Segmentalized training for teachers, tailored to grades and subjects
  • Provides on-site know-how using vivid videos of actual lessons in classrooms