i-Scream S, Close Partner of Public Education, Working Together with Teachers.

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i-Scream is the future-oriented educational convergence services combining mass educational contents of digital resources used daily in 99% of elementary schools in Korea with IT technology.

It is effectively used to enhance the educational effect on students by providing abundant and verified contents and software for all range of major and non-major subjects including assessment sectors. In 2010, it is awarded the Grand Prize at the IMS Learning Impact (USA) as the Best Educational Contents in the world, demonstrating it to be the verified no.1 educational services.

Learning Materials

i-Scream provides a broad range of learning materials i.e. video resources for social experiences, video clips for science experiment for promoting capability of concentration of elementary students, flash, image resources, core questions and the learner's dictionary for textbook. Above all, it is designed for the understanding and memorization of the principles of the textbook;
3 million elementary school students with i-Scream learning can become more competitive when they move onto middle and high school.

Assessment Materials

It provides various questions with sources not only to manifest the assessment records of short term, intermidiate and term end but also to utilize performance records of descriptive and essay-type assessments, reflecting the latest educational tendencies. i-Scream also helps teachers to prepare examinations with high quality questions for laying emphasis on the records of assessment.

Materials for Creative Experiential Activity

Importance of creative experiential activities are even more emphasized from elementary school days in accordance with changes in the entrance exam system i.e. implementation of the new system with assessors. i-Scream provides various contents of creative experiential activity of 96 subcategories in 17 categories inculding 'Prevention of School Violence, Advancement of Creativity, Dokdo and Multiculturalism' with 4 major areas of 'Self-discipline, Volunteer-ship, Career Path and Humanity'.

Materials for Break Time

Too much emphasis on study only may cause students to dislike it when they reach middle and high school. i-Scream provides resources to students and teachers to fulfill simultaneous efficiency to make break time more enjoyable and educationally effective. Various contents of 45 areas in 11 categories are updated including 'Happy Noraebang for Children's Songs, Fun Music Time, Right Words Kind Words, Animation Series etc.'

Creating Unique Class

i-Scream recommends teachers to create 'My Own Class’ in which the teachers may set up their own unique plans to prepare their class in advance. i-Scream offers unparalleled services to teachers to eanble them to lead the classes with variety by sharing contents of 'My Own Class' by subject and unit with the re-processed class resources between teachers nationwide.

i-Scream Award Profile
  • IMS Learning Impact Grand Prize-Platinum, 2010
  • Seleted as leader of the IMS Learning Impact Asia-Pacific region, 2009
  • IT Innovation Grand prize, Ministry of Knowledge Economy, 2009
  • Korea Contents Award, best prize, the Prime Minister’s Award 2009
  • Education Informatization Award Certificate, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 2008
  • Digital Contents Grand Prize, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports, 2008
  • Korea Multimedia Technology Grand Prize, Digital contents section, 2008