i-Scream Media, Teachers' Partner in Public Education

i-Scream Media develops a wide range of convergence educational contents based on the state-of-the-art contents. We offer “the balanced education” for healthy and global personnel through the enhancement of creativity, humanity, model education for career path and creation of educational resources.

Dr. O-Young Lee’s Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds
_Educational Resources on Creativity, Humanity, Career Path and Vocational Guidance

‘Dr. O-Young Lee’s Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds', with full of impressive messages of creativity and wisdom, was designed for educational resources to foster the upright humanity and creative thinking of our children. This resource for training humanity is based on, the former minister of Culture, Dr. O-Young Lee’s 'Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds' with new concept of micro contents, covering diverse activities in various educational fields including 'learning subject, experiencing creativity, morning meditation, extra-curriculum activities and after-school classes.

Creativity : Accredited Textbook

‘Creativity’, the book for creative experiential activity for elementary school students, is accredited by Seoul’s Superintendents of Education. This is a texbook for teaching creative experiential activities for elementary school students : systematically collaborated textbook written by the excellent research team of the POSCO Educational Foundation together with multimedia educational resources of i-Scream.

  • Total 6 books at 1 book per grade from grades 1 to 6 (Provides separate teaching guide for teachers)
  • Supports class through the i-Scream online site. (Provides contents with video clip, flash and activity reports)
Career Zone for Vocational Education
_Teaching and Learning Resources for Experiential Class for Career Path

The career zone for vocational education is a specialized teaching and learning resources for education for setting up careere path via encouraging students to take a positive attitude and understand the significance of career path and job selection, making it possible for students to explore their job options.Various jobs and occupational world will be perceived through general job information so that students may be proactive participants.

  • Provides videos for understanding of the variety of professions. (Videos on over 100 types of leading jobs)
  • Provides various activity resources to assist activities conducted by students.
  • Provides guidebooks for teachers to lead harmonious classes.