The Smart Education Institute Laid the Foundation of i-Scream Media.

Smart Education Institute Diagram
We, at i-Scream Media, are in constant pursuit of new ideas, wishing its dream come true.

We are artists as well as engineers. SEI inspires creativity in all things to reach our goals overcoming all obstacles. SEI has accompanied each step of i-Scream Media's dramatic growth and will continue to do so in the future.

Based on our accumulated technology and creative mind, we constantly aspire to break new ground in traditional IT services and new IT environments.

This is the core of our mentality for every service we offer.

Although we always encounter problems, we always manage to solve them. We encounter these problems during the process of service development, operation of a service or in an unexpected situation. But in the end, these problems are always solved. We are continuously working to improve the quality of all services that we offer. In order to provide stable and high quality services, every member of the SEI responds to problems in a creative and flexible manner.

Development and Utilization of Digital Contents and Training for Service Operation

We are so blessed that we have more to go further than we have walked so far. Seeking a noble thing and achieving our aim it is more valuable than anything else.