Development of Global Educational Product for Cultivation of Creative and Talented Individuals.

i-Scream Media continues to research various learning materials, tools and experiential activities for cultivation of the creative and talented individuals of the 21st century. As the educational product development institute, we study domestic and international educational trends and harness to develop advanced creative educational products through cooperation with other educational institutes. With this in mind, i-Scream Media aims to lay the foundations to grow as a global educational service institution in Korea.

Development of Learning Materials and Tools
  • We develop a broad range of learning aids allowing students to self-motivate the learning process based on digital multimedia contents.
  • We provide various support onto diverse educational research activities of teachers; we produce relevant teaching materials from the outcome of their researches, which enable them to meet with more creative educational activities on the spot.
  • Various educational activities can be effectively carried out through the development of educational board games and hands-on tools.
Development of Experiential Activities
  • We plan and develop various on/off-line services for experiential activity of students to enjoy at school.
  • We provide students with educational opportunities transcending time and space limitations by developing creative experiential activity programs at school.
Research on Overseas Educational Materials

We initiate proper introduction of educational research materials and relevant products - published by world renowned educational authorities; which we secure via thorough investigation and analysis. With this in our own reference, we draw up successive project to develop high quality educational products for global market.