The Leading Contents for Humanity and Creativity

Dr. O-Young Lee introduces a new paradigm in the era of contents with the inspirational 'Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds'.

It is a reality that students have little opportunity to read the classics due to their entrance-exam-oriented studies in their youth: entirely sticking to the preparations for searching jobs in university. With this in mind, SIGONGmedia endeavors to develop creative and humanistic contents to play a minor but meaningful role.

The KBS TV program <Dr. O-Young Lee’s Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds> is our first attempt. SIGONGmedia declares our desire for a happier future through <Dr. O-Young Lee’s Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds>; the contents stay in our hearts and minds with humanity and creativity.

  • Emotion_When you feel,
    you move
  • Wisdom_To ask the way
  • Creation_Pencil
    with an eraser
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