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We create new value with a balanced educational philosophy to lead the culture of knowledge and humanity.

We publish quality books covering wide range of knowledge, education and culture based on the supreme capacity of exhibition video project and extensive premium contents of SIGONGmedia.

(Creation of Contents : Location of Items and new production  →  Planning : Setting-up Idea / Strategy  →  Edition : Design and Correction  →  Production : Printing to Complete Books)
Korea's Cultural Heritage

We promote systematic understanding on Korean culture classifying various aspect of cultural heritage of Korea into 15 sections with over 4,000 photos and illustrations. ‘Korea’s Cultural Heritage’ was adopted as a textbook in many universities including Konkuk University; Its Korean/English versions was displayed as the representative book of introducing Korea at the Frankfurt Book Expo (2002), the world largest book fair. It is also on sale at world-renowned museums such as the US Smithsonian Museum etc. playing key role to present Korea's cultural heritage to all over the world.

Flip Your Classroom

A healthy and wholesome relationship between teachers and students is important for an ideal education. This is a guidebook of education both for teachers and students sharing common ground for seeking new alternatives. Students should consider teachers not as dominant experts but as mentors or counselors, and teachers should regard students not as the passive but as independent identity. This is the predominant message of 'Flip Your Classroom'. You may ponder 'what is the best method for my students?'