A Playing Lesson : Turns Class into Playtime. Neither Special Tools nor Preparation! Just Read the Instructions and Go!

Pit-a-Pat Playing Lesson
Pit-a-Pat Playing Lesson

<Pit-a-Pat Playing Lesson!> : The Playing Lesson guide and know-how from Teacher Heo Seung-hwan, a teacher well known in Korea for playing lessons.

  • Teacher's Ideal Class and Happy Classroom
  • Teaching Materials for Playing Lesson of Children
About the book

The Playing Lesson described with friendly explanation and smart cartoon: without the need for special tools or specififc preparation. 20 concentration games designed to grasp children’s attention quickly, 30 games for short break and 10 exciting games for playground, tempting to atheletics class naturally.

This book contains carefully screened information of practical use on the spot: Tips for 'Tap-tap Game', a playing lesson to avoid boredom, useful information on game site, playing lesson reports - which can be used for 'paper-strips'. The book can be used widely, not only in elementary schools but for all age levels and schools including adult classes and ordinary gatherings.

  1. 30 Playing Lessons

    5-level OX Quiz / OX Ladder / OX Football / OX Bingo / Bingo / Creativity Bingo / Praise Bingo / Telephone Quiz/ Survival Quiz / Survival Jigsaw Quiz / Baseball Game 1 / Baseball Game 2 (Baseball Game by grade) / Baseball Game 3 (Baseball Game for Audience ) / Challenge! Golden Bell / Revival Golden Bell / Four-character Golden Bell / Place Name Golden Bell by Group / Suggestive Word Quiz / Quiz to Find the Wrong Answer / Waterwheel Quiz / I Love Quizzes 1 / I Love Quizzes 2 / Speed Quiz / Group Speed Quiz / Speed Quiz / Unanimous Quiz / Sugoroku Play / Music Class Play / Flash tool Play

  2. 20 Concentration Games

    ‘I say’ Game / Body Coco / Classroom Ice Break / Mermaid / Hands Up / Clapping with the Left Hand / Name Clapping / How Many Times Can You Clap? / Silent Signal / Association Clapping / Concentrate on the Teacher / Attention / Find My Own Voice / Concentration with Promised Sign Language of 0 and 1 / Let’s Be a Toothless Person, Hap! / Blue Flag and White Flag / Right Hand and Left Hand / Charades / Telepathy with the Teacher

  3. 20 Games for Short Break

    Mafia Game / 25-hour Nuclear War Game / Animal Bingo / 4-Truths and 1-Lie / 5 Step Rock, Scissors and Paper / Total Rock, Scissors and Paper / Telepathy Rock, Scissors and Paper / Tag Game / Watermelon Game / Love Your Neighbor / Name the Fruit Game of Wits / Most Precious Things to Me / Inside the Hijacked Airplane on 9.11 / Finding Treasure in the Classroom / Human Zero Game / Majority Game Mind Needs Harmony / Guessing Game / Classroom Hunting Contest

  4. 10 Playground Games

    Net Tagger / Fossil Tagger / Jump While Raising Your Left Leg Up/ Rock, Scissors Paper While Running / 4 Side Dodgeball / Superman Dodgeball / Princess Syndrome Dodgeball / Battle Dodgeball / Cats and Rats / Shark Escape / Bead of Life