Lower Grade Class Management Manual: i-Scream Education and Research Series for Teachers, How to Make Class Interesting, How to Manage Break Time and Class Time.

Class management for the lower grades
Class Management for Lower Grades

Revealing the actual class management know-how of Teacher Lee Hyeon-jin: her experiences accumulated over 10 years in the management of lower grade students!

  • Fine-tuned precise secrets, applicable to study on the spot
  • Practical methods of guiding lower grade students to follow with deep impression
  • Fresh and useful teaching methods for each subject with teaching materials applicable to class on the spot
  • Methods of responding to parents by type
  • How to self-develop as a teacher to initiate changes
About the book

This is a book on class management know-how by Teacher Lee Hyeon-jin; she has accumulated over 10 years of experience in the management of lower grade students. The teaching materials are composed as per the remote training curriculum <Class Management for Lower Grades>. When teachers carry out their own educational philosophy using this book as a basis, they will gain a sense of self-satisfaction as well as recognition from those around them.

Practical methods of guiding lower grade students to follow with interest and increasing concentration. The book contains all the know-how on class management for lower grades including parent counseling methods, and also provides case studies and customized resources for class management and teaching guidance. The staff member in charge of training remarked that "teachers' satisfaction have been increased by differentiating online vocational training contents by grade and subject, and we will endeavor to assist various class activities by publishing customized teaching materials as per the curriculum"

  1. Part 1. Class Management Theory
    • 1. Looking at one's own class management and planning
  2. Part 2. No Pain No Gain : Lifestyle Guidance
    • 2. Creating a class environment for the purpose of lifestyle guidance
    • 3. The promise made with lower grade students for sharing daily life
    • 4. The pledge made for each moment of life
    • 5. Effective rewards and punishment
  3. Part 3. Academic Guidance for Learning and Growing
    • 6. The promise made with lower grade students for studying together
    • 7. Detailed strategies for interesting classes designed for teachers
    • 8. Korean language for creative use 1
    • 9. Korean language for creative use 2
    • 10. Math 1 with Games and Activities
    • 11. Math 2 with Games and Activities
    • 12. Sensible lifestyle, social studies and science through exploration
    • 13. An enjoyable life focusing on games and activities
    • 14. Various teaching methods for 3rd grade arts
    • 15. Living upright and 'We are the 1st grade.'
    • 16. Morning activities applicable to the lower grades
  4. Part 4. Activities to Do in Moments of Boredness
    • 17. March, preparing to meet with parents
    • 18. April, the month of science, events and education on the economy
    • 19. May, Children’s Day, Parent's Day and Teacher's Day
    • 20. June, the month of reminding war and peace
    • 21. July and August, for planning and practice through assessment
    • 22. September and October, the months of harvest
    • 23. November and December - the concluding months of the year
  5. Part 5. The Role of the Teacher Between Students, Parents and Colleagues
    • 24. Turning rough gems into jewelry 1
    • 25. Turning rough gems into jewelry 2
    • 26. Wisdom for turning parents into education partners 1
    • 27. Wisdom for turning parents into education partners 2
    • 28. Family-like fellow teachers
  6. Part 6. The Skill Development of Teachers with Self-motivation for Change
    • 29. Teachers who excel in terms of the teaching ability development appraisal
    • 30. Self-development of Teacher through field research