The i-Scream Webtoon Series, Very Popular Cartoon: Diary of Teacher, Comic Adored by Elementary School Teachers

Happy Class of Teacher Ok
Happy Class of Teacher Ok

An elementary school teacher, who draws cartoons, heads for the countryside!
Elementary digital textbook: Famous webtoon series on i-Scream

<Happy Class of Teacher Ok>, a very popular cartoon, a diary of a teacher, a comic adored by elementary school teachers, has finally been published. The author is an elementary school teacher and cartoonist who describes life at a small remote school near Bukhangang with its naive students. This book picks out and talks about certain class materials as well as so much beloved class environments.

About the book
Appreciation, Love and Fun

The cartoon about Teacher Ok has the power to make every teacher smile and sympathize with her. Thanks to the cartoon portrays love for children, and affection for the lives of fellow teachers. Apart from teachers, it is also attractive for readers to feel the nostalgia of youth. Its stories are as sweet and friendly as the cup of *tteokbokki which we used to eat at a snack bar in front of school when we were young. (*Tteokbokki: Rice cake bars with hot paste) It's hard to stop smiling while reading the cartoon.

Classroom Environment and Teaching Materials

The classroom environment and teaching materials, which the author creates and shares, are very popular among teachers. Accordingly, it is so easy to find drawings of Teacher Ok in many classrooms of elementary school. This book also portrays a beloved classroom environment and suggests carefully selected teaching materials, too.

  1. Part 1. Appointment
    • 01. Prologue
    • 02. Appointment
    • 03. Autumn Athletic Meeting
    • 04. Way to School 1
    • 05. Native English Teacher (Fine Arts Class – Do my lips look pretty?)
    • 06. First Snow
    • 07. Marriage
    • 08. My school
    • 09. Athletic Meeting
  2. Part 2. Children in My Class
    • 10. Children in My Class (Class Environment – Time Table)
    • 11. Horror Special (Fine Art Calss - What a Surprise!)
    • 12. Summer
    • 13. Fish Bowl Psychology Test
    • 14. A Rainy Day
    • 15. Backache
    • 16. Teacher is a Jack-of-all-trades (Class Environment - Reading Progress Table)
    • 17. School Excursion (Class Environment - Class Tooth Brushing Table)
    • 18. Graduation
    • 19. 3rd Grade
  3. Part 3. Student President
    • 20. Wish (Class Environment- Group Ups & Downs Table)
    • 21. Teacher is a Detective.
    • 22. Cartoon
    • 23. Student President
    • 24. Swimming Class
    • 25. Sorry (Class Environment - Flower Time Table)
    • 26. Understanding
    • 27. Scary Story
    • 28. No More Fight!
    • 29. The Bug's Memories
  4. Part 4. Beautiful or Ugly, We Are A Pair!
    • 30. Wife
    • 31. Chick (Fine Art Class- 3D Fish Mobile)
    • 32. Education Magic
    • 33. Badminton
    • 34. Digging up Sweet Potatos
    • 35. Way to School 2 (Class Environment - Lifestyle Guidance Punishment Table)
    • 36. Beautiful or ugly, We are a pair.
    • 37. Horrific Pimple
    • 38. The Fine Art Teacher (Fine Art Class 1 - To understand Western Painting)
    • 39. Yeonwoo
    • 40. Farewell
  5. Interview with Indi-School
  6. Epilogue