Interactive Education with Game for the Digital Education Era

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NuriNori-Kids is an online service for parents and kids accessible at home, providing various educational resources via interactive contents and documentary video clips etc. for preschoolers; they may be properly prepared in advance for school, drawing their friendly access as well.

Eric Carle Special Museum

Eric Carle's illustrated books, the best seller of over 110 million copies all over the world so far!
His impressive works would fill children with hopes and dreams.

Smart Nature Encyclopedia

Amid watching vivid BBC videos, reproduced to match with children's level, enabling them to learn the magnificence and preciousness of nature, we believe kids may effectively build up their 8 multi-intelligences as suggested by Gardner.

Curious Science Forest

NuriNori-Kids enables kids to directly explore curiosity and more easily learn about science principles through experiments.

Reading Album

NuriNori-Kids assists the first steps of self-motivated learning by automatically creating and managing reading and study history.

Teacher Mom!

NuriNori-Kids leads kids to study all subjects in balance, accelerating kid's interest in favorite subjects while reinforcing stagnant fields vice versa through efficient application of working schedules as per the time table prepared by mom and dad.

Awards Won by NuriNori-Kids
  • 2011 Korea Contents Award, Content for the Next Generation Section, the Award of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • 2012 Grand Prize at the 9th Web Awards Korea, Children's Education Section