The Korea's First Customized Supportive Services for Teaching Activity by Integrated On/ Off-line!

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NuriNori provides the state-of-the-art quality teaching materials and tools by on/off-line for teachers in early childhood education based on the Nuri-curriculum.

It aims to contribute to the healthy development and growth of kids by enhancing teacher's capacity and improving the early childhood education environment. In addition, it reduces teachers’ activity preparation time; they can share more time communicating with their kids.

About the Nuri-curriculum

Nuri-curriculum is a course of study conforming to the national standards to foster creative individuals with good nature via official implementation in kindergarteners and day-care centers since March 2012. Nuri-curriculum places an emphasis on comprehensive experiences through 5 basic areas of the children's daily life; these include physical activity with health, social relationship, mutual communication, exploration of nature and artistic experiences. Furthermore, the aim of the Nuri-curriculum is to realize the fairness of its starting point for all children via equally providing a high-quality environment for early childhood education at national level and consequential educational activities to all children.

What is NuriNori?

NuriNori is a supportive service for consolidated and customized teaching activities by providing high-quality early childhood educational contents based on the Nuri-curriculum. It consists of the Nuri package including 100% new and creative teaching tools as per the Nuri-curriculum, a guidebook for teachers, teaching materials, samples of character resources for kids and monthly environmental structure resources as well as an online site supplying multi resouces like syllabus, video clip, animation and flash materials.

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Features of NuriNori
Customized Early Childhood Educational Contents based on the Fundamentals of the Nuri-curriculum. High quality multi-contents affiliated to teaching activities and creative teaching materials. A monthly Nuri package with the best teaching materials. Integrated educational activities for modified education for children with disabilities. NuriNori English education with direct guidance of teacher-in-charge. Linked to elementary education. Online consulting services for teachers of toddlers and preschoolers. Early Childhood Educational Institute.,  NuriNori Package, NuriNori English, NuriNori Multimedia
_ NuriNori Online Service Improves the Dignity of Teaching Activities.

NuriNori online services provide abundant multi-data and relevant references to support an excellent teaching environment. Educational plans linked to the Nuri-curriculum, integrated educational activities for modified education for the disabled, educational plan linked to the elementary curriculum and various multimedia contents; these are all provided along with coaching for guiding the toddlers and preschoolers and consultation for teachers as well. Teachers may spend more time to communicate with kids as they could save ample time for preparation of their their teaching activities.

  • NuriNori Educational Plan
  • Integrated Educational Activities for Modified Education for Children with Disabilities
  • Linked to elementary education
Multi-Contents _ Make Activities Easier and More Enjoyable!

NuriNori online services can assist teachers intensify their teaching ability and encourage children to increase their concentration by providing educational activity plans with flash, video clips and actual images.

  • 3D animations – Creation of fun by kids !
  • 3D interactive animations – Easy and cheerful animation games!
  • Actual images and video clips – vivid and sensory education!
NuriNori Package
_ Teaching Materials and Teaching Aids Customized to Nuri-curriculum.

NuriNori provides appropriate teaching materials focused on educational activities according to the monthly themes. Every month, there are 10 new creative teaching aids, instructions for teaching activities, multi-connected picture books and list of teaching aids in NuriNori Package.

  • Precious Family
  • Traffic and Safety
  • The World and Korea
NuriNori English
_ English Linked to Nuri-curriculum, Teachers' Direct Guide
  • NuriNori English provides children with an interesting English environment in a classroom.
    English can be easy and fun for both children and teachers.
  • Children can enjoy English, following the process of NuriNori English.
  • NuriNori English provides effective multimedia contents, worksheets for teaching English for children according to Nuri monthly themes.
  • NuriNori English program consists of the alphabet, basic phonics, key vocabularies and sentences related to elementary English.
  • Children can review English at home using home study worksheets.