i-Scream Media is a specialized educational enterprise with Digital multimedia in harness of pursuing balanced education.

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i-Scream Media is a specialized educational enterprise with digital contents, established by SIGONGtech, the outright leader in harness of opening a new chapter of the exhibition and
cultural industry of Korea.

The educational environment and methods may vary as time goes by and technology changes.
Adaptation to such change may lead us to the differentiation of individual and national
competitiveness in education, which would be directly linked to the competitiveness of a nation
in the future. Digital is the key issue of today in the middle of rapid changes in the educational
environment. So called, Smart Education, using ICT, e-learning and multimedia, is nothing but a
collaborated education using digital contents and technology. The hard core of this smart
education is the convergence of digital multimedia contents and technology. After all, what
students study today, while watching, listening and reading, is essentially comprehended by
contents. We have built up the multimedia educational contents over a period of 10 years, which
are the core of today's digital education.

Some 3 million Photos, over 200,000 Video Clips, C·G, Flash and Animation have all been
prepared so far. The i-Scream.com service has been developed with integrated convergence of
the digital multimedia contents and technology and now subscribed by 99% of elementary
school teachers in Korea: awarded the Grand Prize at the 2012 I.M.S. Learning Impact, the world
renowned e-Learning conference.

i-Scream Media will Sow the Various Seeds in the Fields of a Balanced Education including Creativity, Humanity, Cooperation and Reading.
Global talents are required to have diverse capabilities and humanity. This is the background
behind the birth of Dr. O-Young Lee’s <Sharing Idea for 80 Seconds>. We are well aware that
balanced education may bring the happiness to the people and creates a healthy society.

i-Scream Media Always Anticipates to Stand on the Global Stage.
This is obvious because, after all, that particular global stage should be for our children's as well.
Our contents include resources from the world renowned sources such as the BBC in the UK,
allowing children to learn about global sense. We are also in possession of abundant contents
designed to foster global leaders. So far, the competitiveness in education in Korea has its roots
in parents' zeal overcoming adversities regardless how miserable they are with indescribably
deteriorated situation, especially for financial reasons. Nevertheless, the education on the
increment of digital utilization should be emphasized along with changes in time and relevant
technology. i-Scream Media will forge ahead to take a creative role in writing the new
educational history of Korea via implementation of: “ICT Education” with digital multimedia,
“Balanced Education” of creativity, humanity, cooperation and reading as well as “Education for
Global Talent” possessing global sensitivity, international information and practical sense of a
global village.

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