Business Records of the Knowledge Educational Service Project

  • Digital Learning Material i-Scream
    • Contractor : i-Scream Media, KBSi
    • Name of Service: i-Scream, Elementary School Digital Learning Material
    • Details of Service: Teaching material site for elementary school teachers provides thousand of video clips, hundred thousands of images and flash resources re-edited from the supreme broadcasting programs of KBS, BBC and Discovery Education for class sessions.
  • Remote Training for Teachers
    • Authorized by the the Ministry of Education, Science and
      Technology (No.10-3)
    • Vocational Training for Teachers and Teaching Experts of
      Elementary, Middle and High Schools in Korea
    • Online Remote Vocational Training Services
    • Performs Training for Special Fields.
  • Establishment of Contents DB
    • Present Status : Over 3 Million Images, Tens of Thousands of Video Clips, Sound and Digital Contents
    • Contents Fields: Local Photos, Korean Traditional Culture, Natural Ecology, Baekdudaegan Series, Elementary School Video and World Cultural Heritage etc.
  • Development of CMS
    • Technology : Effective Production and Management System for Various forms of Digital Contents
    • Application : Mass Contents Management of Museums, Exhibition Centers, Science Museums. Web Services and Web Searching of Contents
  • Digital Museum
    • Cyber museums: Yi Gil-nyeo Cyber Museum, Haenam Dinosaur Cyber Museum, Jeonju National Museum
    • KBS History Special: King Muneyong's Tomb, Mireuksa Temple Site and Go Seonji
  • Business for Book Publicatiion
    Korea's Cultural Heritage
    • General Guidebook on Korea’s Cultural Heritage Including Traditional
      Architectures, Traditional Crafts
    • Adoped as a Teaching Material by Konkuk Univ., Dongwon Univ.,
      Gangnam Univ., Woosuk Univ. and the Traditional Culture School
    • Currently on Sale at Museum-Shops in World-Renowned Museums
      Including the Smithsonian Museum, USA
  • Business for Restoration of Cultural Heritage
    • Restoration of 2,000 Traditional Hanseon
      (Traditional Korean ships)
    • Restoration of 5,000 Pieces of Traditional Bujeok
      (Traditional Korean talisman)
  • Records of Technical Development
    • Exhibit items: KIOSK, Internet Exhibit, Flash Speaker etc.
    • Interactive Game: Hunting Zone, Catch the Flame, Digital Arts,
      Simulation Games etc.
    • Web Display Tool: e-catalog, T3 studio, T3 Panorama etc.